Terms and Conditions


These conditions of sale apply to goods supplied by Baldwin Plastic Laminates Limited. Registered in England and Wales with no.02217330 registered office at 57/59 Tallon Road, Hutton Industrial Estate, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1TG (the Company). Any Quotation given by the Company is an invitation to you to place an order with the Company only. No contract exists between you and the company for the sale of any goods until the Company has received and accepted your order.

Confirmation of order

Confirmation of an order can be done in writing (via the postal service or email) or verbally. Once an order has been placed there is a binding and legal contract between you and the Company. No addition or alteration to the order will be valid unless agreed by the Company. In the event of such alteration a surcharge may be made at the discretion of the Company.


If you do not have an approved account with the Company then payment is required either in advance of or at the time of delivery/collection of the order. The Company can refuse to hand over the order, or any other order, until payment has been made. If you do have an approved account with the Company the payment terms of any order would be in line with this agreement. The Company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue payments at 3% above the current UK base rate which will be calculated on a daily basis. In the event of late or non payment and without affecting any other rights or remedies of the Company, the Company shall be entitled to either suspend delivery of the order, or any other order that you have placed with the Company until such time that payment is cleared.

Retention of title

The risk in the goods shall pass from the Company to the buyer upon delivery of such goods. However, notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk in the goods, title and property in the goods, including full legal and beneficial ownership, shall not pass to the buyer until the Company has received in cash or cleared funds payment in full for all goods delivered to the buyer under this and all other contracts between the Company and the buyer for which payment of the full price of the goods thereunder has not been paid. Payment of the full price of the goods shall include the amount of any interest or other sum payable under the terms of this and all other contracts between the Company and the buyer under which the goods were delivered.


Delivery will be arranged by the Company when the order is complete. The Company will not be responsible for missing timescales requested by the buyer at time of order unless specified as a condition of order. Responsibility of the goods will pass to the buyer upon delivery. Any damage or loss caused by persons not employed by the Company is the responsibility of the buyer.

Industry tolerances

The Company will not be held responsible for any variations that occur in the goods sold by the Company that are within commercial or product tolerances. The Company is not responsible for making buyers aware of any such tolerance levels that may affect a buyers order. The Company will also try to ensure that products supplied are as required by the buyer. Any compensation for errors outside of the tolerance levels will be agreed by the Company once they have been given the opportunity to inspect the goods, or other suitable evidence is supplied.


If the agreed delivery or collection date is extended beyond two weeks for any order, the Company reserves the right to make a charge for the storage of orders.

Returns and Cancellations

Return or cancellation of orders will only be accepted if the Company has agreed to this, and the Company reserves the right to make a surcharge for this to cover any costs incurred or that may arise in relation to this.

Problems with orders

The buyer should inspect all orders on collection/delivery or very shortly after to ensure the goods are as expected. Should there be any problem with the goods then the Company should be notified immediately. The Company do not accept responsibility for any problems not notified within 3 days of receipt of the goods, or if the goods have been stored or used in an inappropriate manner. The Company will rectify any problems with goods supplied where they accept responsibility for the problems occurring.